An Interview with Blair Nash

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Blair Nash is a certified and professional Dating & Relationship Coach, Author, and Matchmaker who is based out of Columbus, OH. He works with people who are ready to focus on creating healthy romantic relationships, and end cycles of repeating damaging patterns that result in unsuccessful relationships, and heartbreak.

Let’s get to know him a bit better…

What is the background that led to you to becoming a Dating & Relationship Coach?

“I’ve always had a passion for relationships as long as I can remember. I’ve always been curious about why some relationships fail and some succeed. In fact, when I sat for my certification in 2017 one of the components of the course was to identify the single most contributing factor as to why people divorce. The divorce rate is devastatingly high; as of now hovering around a 53%-55% mark for first time marriages, 70% for second marriages, in some countries. This means marriages have less than a 50/50 chance of working, which is very concerning. The statistics indicate that the way people are currently meeting/dating/doing relationships is not working, and that’s why I do what I do.

Personally I have had my own experiences of painful relationship patterns that have caused me heartbreak, heartache, and loneliness. Since then I’ve matured, healed, and have grown tremendously in awareness and knowledge in this field. Now I want to pass on what I’ve learned to others and support them in reaching their goals of breaking free from their own painful relationship patterns, so they can be in the healthy, loving and committed relationships they deserve.”

What aspect of coaching gives you the most satisfaction?

“I absolutely love being able to inspire hope and possibilities in my clients, who often come to me feeling quite resigned, deflated, doubtful, and frustrated with the notion of attracting their ‘Forevermore’ experience with someone. After just one session with me, more often than not, I see them take on a new posture of self-belief and hope, and for the first time they can finally see a way to have the relationship they want, and go on to actually attract it. That for me is everything!”

What is your style of coaching?

“While I am both action orientated and solution focused in my approach, I also create a compassionate, non-judgmental, safe zone where empathy and trust are available to support my clients to drop into an exploration of their deep motivations and drivers of behavior. One of the ways I create this safe space is informing clients that everything they tell me will be kept in the strictest of confidence.  As a relationship coach, I focus on the present moment (and I help my clients connect with their past through their present moment experience where useful) and what my clients want to create moving forward. I help my clients to develop critical skills for relationship success and self-awareness; this includes ways of being with themselves and others, that are both healing and supportive. I take my clients as whole and not broken – they don’t necessarily need ‘fixing’.”

What is the most common relationship issue you encounter with your clients?

“I’ve narrowed down the work I do to work with people who are struggling to break free from painful relationship patterns that cause toxicity and heartbreak. Common issues the people I serve face is an inability to locate their hidden blocks to love, not being able to see what I refer to as “blind spots” in the dating arena, being unable to identify emotionally available partners for a committed relationship, or struggling to choose compatible partners aligned with them in the healthiest of ways. It causes them to waste precious time that they don’t have.”

Are there any issues you feel you wouldn’t be able to help with?

“I’ve invested a great deal in hours, study and professional training that has equipped me with the skills and awareness to work with a diverse range of client challenges – some more difficult than others. I haven’t come across someone I haven’t been able to work with yet. Sometimes I have clients who are already in some form of counselling or therapy, who also work with me. My work compliments what they are already doing with other professionals to support the progress toward their goals.”

What has been your biggest success story regarding a client?

“I have many success stories where clients of mine learn how to truly love themselves. They learn how to honor themselves, set healthy boundaries, take action in servicing their own feelings and needs, and speak up after losing their voices. My clients have been able to move out of painful relationship patterns, some spanning across five plus years or more, and they’re now able to move on in life. I’ve had clients who have been single for several years finally moving into healthy loving and committed relationships – something that at one stage they never thought was a possibility for them.”

Is it wrong to assume that as a coach you have all the tools and know all the correct methods, therefore you’re always successful in relationships?

“My personal experience, coupled with professional and academic training, can sustain my relationship and help increase my awareness around the behavior of others. But ultimately, for a relationship to work, it requires two open people desiring the same things and working together in the same direction. There are many external events that can challenge the relationship. I make certain to position myself to have the best chance of sustaining a healthy, loving, and lasting connection.”

Do you find that as a coach you experience your own relationships in an analytical way?

“Hard as it is not to do, I would say ‘No’. People are to be loved, not analyzed. I understand that when we are analyzing, we are in our heads and not in our hearts. Human connection happens through an open heart, and so I must be in my own heart to connect with the open hearts of others. When I’m too busy analyzing a relationship, I’m likely to be in the future trying to control an outcome, or in the past ruminating over guilt or past hurts; both of which mean I’m not present and emotionally available for the relationship unfolding before me. This will create a disconnection, and will likely lead to the eventual end of the relationship.”

Tell us a bit about Blair Nash the person.

“I enjoy health and fitness/wellness, working out, and watching SportsCenter. I’m an avid pool player, so much so I was in a league at one point. These days, I enjoy quality time with my newly-married wife Elizabeth. We’re focused and excited on what the next 5-10 years holds for both of us, individually and collectively.

I’m not an avid movie-watcher, though I prefer being home vs. the cinematic experience. Three of my favorite movies all time are Black Panther, Norbit starring Eddie Murphy & Heat with Robert DeNiro.”

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