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Blair Nash is the author of three critically acclaimed books. His latest release, The Hidden Conversation, is available now.

Over 22,000 copies sold worldwide

Blair is available for individual coaching and counseling sessions.

about blair nash

Blair Nash is a certified and professional Dating & Relationship Coach, Author, and Matchmaker who is based out of Columbus, OH.

His direct candor and life experiences set him apart from other relationship and dating advice experts.

Dating and Relationships
“I absolutely love being able to inspire hope and possibilities in my clients, who often come to me feeling quite resigned, deflated, doubtful, and frustrated with the notion of attracting their ‘Forevermore’ experience with someone. After just one session with me, more often than not, I see them take on a new posture of self-belief and hope.  For the first time they can finally see a way to have the relationship they want, and go on to actually attract it. That for me is everything!”

 – Blair Nash

Featured Documentary Series

Finding Your Soulmate

Blair works with people who are ready to focus on creating healthy romantic relationships, and end cycles of repeating damaging patterns that result in unsuccessful relationships, and heartbreak.

He teaches people how to leave toxic relationships and to find their soulmate without wasting time on the wrong person.

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